Tim O'Neill

816/836-5140 • 816/797-2602 m
1830 S. Sterling, Independence MO 64052

While I worked at Cerner, I created numerous Flash animations designed to instruct users of Cerner's software. I worked on teams with instructional designers, engineers and content experts, and I was responsible for creating all visual components, staging, and direction and animation, as well as all the neccessary audio.

These samples are perhaps a little uninteresting when viewed outside the context of their intended purpose, but they are very effective educational tools that are engaging and cost effective. For more background on the actual applications that housed these animations, click here. Otherwise browse some of the samples to the right.
sample animations
Getting started ( 9 min 8 sec)
File creation ( 2 min 43 sec)
Identifying fields ( 11 min 47 sec)
Expressions ( 1 min 58 sec)
Database basics ( 1 min 14 sec)
How data is stored in a database ( 59 sec)
Match & reconcile ( 56 sec)
What is an alias pool? (2 min 18 sec)
D ata Model (2 min 3 sec)
Instructional animations